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International Affairs Career Field

Career Path Pyramid

The IACF Career Path Pyramid is a graphic representation of how the Air Force intends to develop civilian team members within our career field. The IACF is not stove piped, rather it is permeable and allows individuals to move in and out of the career field. 

Within the triangle are the three levels of career development: Tactical, Operational, and Strategic. Each level corresponds to the career progression and development templates, which can be downloaded here. The left side illustrates how the existing IA Certification and Career Development Program will integrate with the career field. The right side of the triangle indicates available educational opportunities. Team members are eligible for Intermediate Developmental Education or 'IDE' at the GS-12 or NSPS equivalent grade level and Senior Developmental Education or 'SDE' at the GS-14 or NSPS equivalent grade level. Opportunities for advanced academic degrees are available at all levels of development. 

IACF Civilian Career Path Pyramid

For detailed information on the opportunities referenced in the pyramid, please visit the contact us page and select International Affairs Career Field Administrator from the drop-down menu. 

For additional information on Force Development programs, please visit the Force Development webpage, click here .