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International Affairs Career Field

Civilian Force Development Process

IA team members must participate in the Civilian Force Development Process to receive feedback from the Development Team (DT) in the form of training, education, and assignment vectors. These vectors will be based upon the team member's goals as specified in their Civilian Development Plan (CDP), their performance record, and gaps in the individual's experience, and the needs of the Air Force and IA community. The CDP and DT feedback are the centerpieces of Civilian Force Development. 

Each fiscal year, all civilians interested in leadership and management training, Civilian Developmental Education (PME in-residence or experiential academic programs), career broadening or cross-functional assignment experiences, or other development opportunities must complete a CDP. Team members should utilize the IACF Development Templates, the USAF Civilian Leadership Development Tactical, Operational, and Strategic Course Catalogues (available on the AF Portal) and work with their supervisor/mentors when developing a plan for professional development.  

Please download the IACF Education and Training Plan (Section 4.3) for more detailed information on CDP.