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International Affairs Career Field: Management


IACF management is accomplished through the joint efforts of the following key personnel and organizations:

Functional Authority (FA) - The Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs (SAF/IA) serves as the FA and provides oversight and advisory services related to the IA community. Responsibilities include:

  • Serving as a member of the Force Management and Development Council (FMDC) and providing corporate perspective on functional community requirements
  • Providing strategic oversight of Total Force Development (IACF and International Affairs Specialist Program) to include identification and prioritization of functional community requirements

Functional Manager (FM) - The SAF/IA Director of Policy serves as the FM and provides functional management ensuring the IA community is equipped, developed, and sustained to meet the IA mission. Responsibilities include:

  • Providing career field guidance
  • Ensuring development opportunities align with IA mission requirements and future needs of the total Air Force
  • Chairing the Development Team
  • Appointing Career Field Manager to manage IACF operations

Career Field Manager (CFM) - The SAF/IA Deputy Chief, International Airmen Division serves as the CFM and implements career field policies, plans and programs. Responsibilities include:

  • Addressing issues and coordinating specialty concerns
  • Providing central oversight for career field training and education
  • Advocating mentorship and development efforts

Development Team (DT) - The DT is comprised of appointed IA senior professionals who continuously assess, develop and implement a comprehensive plan for achieving IACF mission-driven force development requirements. Responsibilities include:

  • Implementing Air Force and career field policies and programs affecting career field management
  • Identifying key operational and strategic IACF positions
  • Developing education, experience, and assignment vectors for the IACF
  • Reviewing Civilian Development Plans (CDP), Career Briefs, and recommending training courses and assignments for eligible personnel
  • Providing developmental feedback to personnel via CDP
  • Coordinating and prioritizing nominations for Civilian Developmental Education (CDE) programs, long-term training degree programs, and career broadening assignments
  • Interfacing with Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) and other career fields regarding planning, projections, and funding for IACF requirements

Career Field Team (CFT) - The CFT administers IACF Centrally Managed positions. Responsibilities include:


  • Ensuring referral lists for vacant positions consist of Air Force-wide candidates meeting standard merit system principles
  • Providing career counseling to personnel and advice to the CFM on professional development, and career field management strategies to include placement and utilization of IACF civilians
  • Offering advice to IACF team members on career developmental opportunities
  • Facilitating DT vectoring and selection meetings, and providing CDP feedback to team members and their supervisors
  • Coordinating IACF recruitment criteria for Palace Acquire (PAQ) interns

Training and Education Panel (TEP) - The TEP develops and recommends IACF training and education policies and/or changes to the IACF DT. Responsibilities include:


  • Developing and implementing the IACF Education and Training Plan
  • Developing career path guidance
  • Developing career broadening plans, intern training, and development plans
  • Managing the requirements for the IA Certification Program (IACP)

Unit Leadership - Unit Leadership ensures immediate supervisors and personnel accomplish formal and unit level On-the-Job Training, IA Certification, and CDPs.

Supervisors of IACF Team Members - Supervisors of IACF personnel are responsible for the following: 



  • Ensuring team members attend and complete required training and unit training tasks
  • Reviewing progress and providing feedback to the IACF member quarterly until core unit training is complete

IACF Team Members - IACF team members are encouraged to follow the guidance provided by this IACF Education and Training Plan and seek guidance from their supervisors, mentors, etc.