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Strengthening US and global security, through international partnerships

Policy and Programs    |    Regional Affairs

In order to achieve its mission, Air Force International Affairs (SAF/IA) is organized into an Executive Office, an Engagements and Integration Office, and two functional Directorates.

The Executive Office, comprised of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force International Affairs, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force International Affairs, the Air National Guard Advisor, the Air Force Reserve Advisor, and support staff, works in conjunction with the Engagements and Integration Office (SAF/IAN), which is led by a Special Assistant, to support senior leaders of the Air and Space Forces.

The Executive Office and Engagements and Integration Office coordinate with Action Officers to prepare Department of the Air Force and SAF/IA senior leaders for successful engagements with allies and partners; work with the interagency, foreign governments, nongovernment officials, and industry leaders to advance mission priorities; and set functional and administrative standards for the organization.

The two Directorates, Policy and Programs (SAF/IAP) and Regional Affairs (SAF/IAR), provide expertise in the tools of security cooperation and conduct staff actions to execute programs.

Policy and Programs develops and strategically places US Air Force international airmen, and provides policy positions that determine Department of the Air Force capabilities for export to allies and partners. The Directorate is made up of seven divisions: International Airmen (IAPA); International Armaments Cooperation (IAPC); Foreign Disclosure and Technology Transfer (IAPD); Programming and Resources (IAPR); Strategy and Plans (IAPS); Weapons (IAPW); and Security Assistance Policy and International Training Education (IAPX).

Regional Affairs leads Air and Space Force regional and country-level engagement with allies and partners, integrating security cooperation, security assistance, political-military strategy, and strategic communication actions. It is comprised of five divisions: Americas/Africa (IARA), Gulf/Mideast (IARC), Europe/NATO (IARE), Indo-Pacific (IARP), and Space (IARS).

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