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Policy and Programs    |    Regional Affairs

In order to achieve its mission, SAF/IA is organized into an Executive Office with two functional Directorates as outlined in HAFMD 1-16. The executive office, comprised of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force International Affairs, Assistant SAF/IA, Foreign Policy Advisor, Air National Guard Advisor, Special Assistant to SAF/IA, and support staff is responsible for supporting the Under Secretary of the Air Force, HAF staff, and others as directed. The executive office coordinates with US government, foreign governments, and non-government officials to achieve the mission. It sets functional and administrative standards and goals for the organization.

The two Directorates provide expertise in all the tools of security cooperation and conduct staff actions to execute programs. The Policy and Programs Directorate has responsibility for: Security Cooperation policy; International Airmen; Air, Space, Cyber and Armaments Cooperation; Weapons, Disclosure and Technology Transfer; International Education and Training programs; Military and Civilian Personnel Exchange programs; Strategy and Plans; Programming and Information Technology; and Financial and Human Resources.

The Regional Affairs Directorate has responsibility for implementing OSD policies and both CCMD and Component Command coordination. It is also responsible for providing oversight and strategic management of the security cooperation and assistance programs for each air force partner portfolio. Key linkages exist with OSD, CCMD, DOS, Component Commands, and MAJCOMs. The Regional Directorate is a key integrator for a partner nation’s security cooperation and assistance programs working with the interagency and Air Force security cooperation organizations such as AFSAC, AFSAT, and the Systems Program Office (SPO). SAF/IARF Division is the Foreign Liaison Office (FLO) for the USAF and is responsible for foreign air attach├ęs and their administration, the SecAF and CSAF counterpart visit program, and the global and regional air chief’s conferences.

The Policy and Programs Directorate enhances relationships with our international partners by developing and strategically placing US Air Force international airmen. SAF/IAP is constructed of seven divisions which are: IAPA, IAPC, IAPD, IAPR, IAPS, IAPW, and IAPX.

The Regional Affairs Directorate integrates security cooperation, security assistance, political-military strategy, and strategic communication actions with partner nations for the US Air Force. SAF/IAR is constructed of four divisions which are: IARA, IARC, IARE, and IARP.

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