Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program: Program Details


To define the mission and functions of the USAF Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program (ESEP) and provide important information for personnel managing the ESEP.  Although the following guidance is not intended to be comprehensive, it will provide program leadership with sufficient information, to execute and manage the program.


The ESEP’s overarching objective is to increase the awareness of SAF/IA-sponsored engineering and science research opportunities at overseas locations in support of USAF research objectives.  Specific objectives are:

  1. Develop internationally experienced program managers,
  2. Build international cooperation and promote interoperability,
  3. Open new areas of technical cooperation,
  4. Learn research and development (R&D) processes of allied nations,
  5. Establish and increase international connections that can lead to long term collaboration,
  6. Foster development of new cooperative programs/projects,
  7. Provide new perspectives in approaching R&D, and
  8. To increase the number of USAF active duty and civilian personnel participating in overseas research in support of USAF objectives.