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USAF International Affairs Excellence Award: How To Apply

How to Apply
Each MAJCOM/FOA/DRU may submit only one nomination. Nomination package must include the following:

  1. Cover letter (limited to 1 page) written on unit letterhead that includes:
    • Nominee name
    • Rank or grade
    • AFSC or occupational series
    • Unit, office symbol, and location
    • Position title
    • A description of current duties and responsibilities
    • Telephone number (commercial and DSN) and e-mail address of a Command administrative point of contact

  2. AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award
    • Limited to one page, single-spaced
    • 12 pitch, Times New Roman font
    • Use specific achievements from January to December only
    • Use point paper or talking paper format (bulleted, short statements or key points)
    • Use headings Leadership and Job Performance in Primary Duty, Significant Self Improvement, Base or Community Involvement
    • No more than 14 lines under heading Leadership and Job Performance in Primary Duty
    • No more than 4 lines under heading Significant Self Improvement
    • No more than 4 lines under heading Base or Community Involvement

    NOTE: Description of outstanding achievements should be based on specific facts and examples that clearly demonstrate that achievements were exceptional.

  3. Public Release statement

  4. Endorsement memorandum signed by SAF/HAF two-letter, MAJCOM/FOA/DRU Commander, Vice Commander, or Executive Director

  5. Citation. A citation limited to no less than 50 words and no more than 70 words (not including opening and closing statements). The citation should be properly formatted according to sample and include specific examples of the act or services provided.

Each HAF two-letter, MAJCOM, FOA, and DRU may submit only one nomination. Please send completed nomination packages via email to SAF/IAPR Workflow (

International Affairs Excellence Award Timeline
Award period of service: 1 January - 31 December
SAF/IA will distribute a call for nominations: Beginning of Calendar Year
Nomination deadline: 31 March

*If a nomination package is not received by the established suspense date, and an extension has not been approved prior to the deadline, the nomination package will not be considered and will be returned with no action.*

Send completed nomination packages to SAF/IAPR Workflow (