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International Affairs Certification Program: Award Recipients

The IACP Review Board met and endorsed the following individuals who earned certifications:

March 2018 IACP Certification Recipients

Level I
Bartley, David R.
Bertsch, Whitney B.
Bishop, Gary L.
Bonillas, Nicholas R.
Burris Andrew
Calhoun, Jeremy M.
Coffee, Mary
Decker, Malcom S.
Elkins, Joseph S.
Fox Sean
Glass, Cody R.
Gould, John T.
Holland, Larry N. Jr.
Hornyak, David J.
Lavigne Joseph
Luzader, Dorothy
Mesarchik Kevin
Michalsky, Lauren R.
Morgan, David
Ortiz, Robert A.
Pohlman, Douglas W.
Price, Mark A.
Schuenemeyer, Kenneth R.
Woelfle, Michael T.
Woodfield, Daryl R.
Woodward, Matthew D.
Level II
Beyer, Linda
Bishop, Gary L.
D'Alessandro, Natalie M.
Decker, Malcom S.
Gilmore, Samantha J.
Gould, John T.
Hornyak, David J.
Kustelski, Kelsi A.
Michalsky, Lauren R.
Mueller, James F.
Schuenemeyer, Kenneth R.
Level III
Messina, Jason
Mueller, James F.
Pinkham, Jacqueline P.
Stewart, Brittany

Supplemental approvals will be posted at a later date.