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International Affairs Specialist Regional Program

IAS Regional Programs are designed to promote International Professional Development by offering a number of educational opportunities in regional area studies. In collaboration with universities, government, and private organizations, IAS provides a venue for interdisciplinary training, allowing for a broad, integrative approach to the study of global and international issues within a country or area of focus. Currently, IAS provides funded quotas to Regional and Cultural Awareness Courses at:

  • United States Air Force Special Operations School (USAFSOS), Hurlburt Field, Florida
  • The School of Professional and Area Studies at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Arlington, Virginia

Additional questions concerning the FSI courses are addressed on the IAS Air Force Portal website.

IAS Language Programs

The International Affairs Specialist office makes one major language program (Rosetta Stone) available to all Air Force line officers. Other programs, such as Language and Area Studies Immersion (LASI) and Transparent Language, are offered to officers designated as, or in training to become, Regional Affairs Strategists. Please revisit the IAS Air Force Portal website periodically to stay informed of any updates. A brief listing of our language programs follows: Transparent Language, SCOLA, Language and Area Studies Immersion (LASI), and Rosetta Stone.


For further information on Attaché and SCO assignment options, or other FAO opportunities, please check out the International Airmen milsuite portal.

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